Raven Ishak is a freelance writer and editor living in NYC. She loves a tasty matcha and isn't afraid to befriend a dog at a party. 


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Club Monaco Fall Fashion

To celebrate the growth of women’s office fashion (and their badass careers), we partnered with Club Monaco to showcase three Boss Babes, who are in completely different fields, to ask them about their fail-proof outfits, how they prepare for a work week, and what their definition of a power suit is all while wearing swoon-worthy work-inspired ensembles themselves.

Deep Fried Cookie Dough 

One bite out of these deep fried cookie dough bites and your mouth will explode with happiness.  


6 Things to Do to Change Your Life 

So while I’m still developing the strength to lead the life I want, I found some ways to help you (and me!) feel empowered to free yourself from feeling stuck in your own life.


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